Tidal Wave Beginnings: Reigel Promotions ‘Tidal Wave’ Set for Aug. 18, 2023

GEORGETOWN, DE – Tidal Wave Beginnings

Reigel Promotions begins with the ‘Tidal Wave’, a unique event that puts the Crate 602 Sportsman and Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series center stage. The inaugural event will take place at Georgetown Speedway on Friday August 18, 2023.

Georgetown Speedway will host the Crate 602 Sportsman, Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series, Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Cars, Little Lincolns, Delaware Super Trucks & Delmarva Chargers in the First State.

The first Reigel Promotions event will offer $1,000 to the winner for 25 laps in the Crate 602 Sportsman division. The total purse for the event falls just shy of $5,000.

The total Crate 602 Sportsman payout is as follows: 1 – $1,000; 2 – $500; 3 – $400; 4 – $300; 5 – $250; 6 – $225; 7 – $200; 8 – $175; 9 – $150; 10 – $125; 11 – $115; 12 – $110; 13 – $105 14-26 – $100.

A complete pay structure & event information for all divisions will be finalized in the upcoming weeks.

To learn more about the Reigel Promotions, visit www.reigelpromotions.com, e-mail andrewreigel8@gmail.com, check out Reigel Promotions on Facebook or @Reigel_Promo on Twitter.

Georgetown Speedway, originally constructed by Melvin L. Joseph in 1949, is located at the intersection of Route 113 and Speedway Road in Georgetown, Del., just miles from the Delaware beaches and less than a 40-minute drive from Ocean City, Md.

A website is live for the speedway at www.thegeorgetownspeedway.com. Like Georgetown Speedway on Facebook, follow @thegtownspdwy on Twitter, e-mail georgetownspeedway@gmail.com or contact the speedway hotline at 302.563.GTWN (4896).

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  • Hi Brett Dayo,
    I left you information about Enduro Racing and to consider one or two at
    Georgetown Speedway sometime during the season. Also a suggestion that
    302 Motorsports, Middleford and Georgetown run a 3 track series with 1 race
    at each track throughout the season. Has this been talked about with the other
    tracks ?
    I have personally run 6 of these races and would donate my time to promote
    and help with the rules of this type of race. I an retired and have a lot of free time.
    The length (laps) , kinds of vehicles and payout is up to the track owner. I would appreciate a reply and hope you may consider 2 of these races at your track if the
    other tracks are not interested.
    Best regards, W.Lee