RUSH Late Model Feature Finish (25 laps): ROSS ROBINSON, Joey Warren, Amanda Whaley, Nick Davis, Tyler Reed, Kerry King, Trevor Collins, Billy Thompson, Joe Pete, Mike Wharton, Nick Love, Mike Raleigh, Matt Hill, Zac Weller, Cody Dawson, Brandon Sturgis.

Chesapeake Paving/J.W. Brown Trucking Crate 602 Sportsman Feature Finish (20 laps): SCOTT HITCHENS, James Hill, Michael White, Tom Sherby, Adam White, Tom Princiotta, Jeff Coffey, Duane Rust, Matt Smith, Trent Van Vorst, Mark Pettyjohn.

Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Car Feature Finish (12 laps): JOSH SMITH, Charlie Moore, Andy Cassel, Todd Miller (Sportsman winner), Dave Schamp, Chris Loveland, Jamie Schirmer, Dustin Shultie.

Little Lincoln Feature Finish (12 laps): KIRK LAWSON, Jordan Herbert, Matt White, Bunky White, Wayne Seaton, Sean Smith, Scott Calhoun, A.J. Mitchell, Todd Sammons, John Wothers.

Delaware Super Truck Feature Finish (12 laps): ROBERT SMITH, David Smith, Geoff Carey, Dale Elliott, Jerry Hill, Ryan Efford, Corey Sapp, Ronnie Holloway, Kirk Miles Sr., Michelle Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Danny DiGrazio, Dick Beauchamp.

Delmarva Charger Feature Finish (12 laps): JOE WATERS, Brandon Riefler, Chris Martinez, Robert Paczkowski, Greg Nailor, Ashley Merritt, Thomas LeCates, Hunter Benzel, Randy Merritt, Wayne White Jr., John Bailey, Chris Carroll.

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  • We have been to 4 different the 3 years we,ve been racing crates, an georgetown speedway Is the best by far..good clean drivers ,track prep.awsome .an great BBQ….

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