Stockley Materials ‘Roll the Dice Challenge’ Set For Thursday, April 19 Battle of the Bay Sunoco Modifieds

ANY GAMBLERS OUT THERE? Stockley Materials presents the ‘Roll the Dice Challenge’ for the Sunoco Racing big-block/small-block Modifieds next Thursday, April 19 at Battle of the Bay!

Winner is guaranteed $4,000 (no car entry fee) thanks to Taylor and Messick.

With a $25 “Gambler’s Fee” posted, that number increases to $5,000.

With a $50 “Gambler’s Fee” posted, the winner’s share hits $6,000!

Yes, $6,000 for 30 laps of racing! All “Gambler’s Fees” must be posted before the start of heat races. Who is going to roll the dice?

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